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At Ayokai, we believe in fostering a dynamic environment that thrives on creativity, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions. Join us on a journey where your career is not just a job, but a passion-driven expedition. Explore exciting possibilities, contribute to groundbreaking projects, and be part of a team that values your skills and aspirations. Discover the intersection of talent and technology at Ayokai, where every role is an integral piece of our transformative puzzle. Elevate your career with us and shape the future of innovation! Our main projects are outsources and we work with consultants but check around time to time.

We’ll list outsourced and internal offers here.

Test Automation (SDET)

We offer Engineering-as-a-Service to assist IT teams in reducing their costs and expenditures while improving their quality regarding with the Time-To-Market.

Conception-UX-Ui Design & Dev

We offer End-to-End product and service development-as-a-Service to assist clients in creating or improving softwares.

Training and bootcamps

We are serving the best practices and using updated content to train and support our clients for both products and services we provide.

Open positions and projects