Our core value

Our commitment is centered on delivering exceptional results. We take pride in fostering enduring client relationships founded on trust and mutual respect. Our clientele encompasses a diverse range of businesses, including numerous e-commerce companies, financial entities, government institutions, and agencies based in Europe, Africa, and the United States.

We champion a dedication to quality and integrity throughout our global organization, driven by a profound passion for client success. Our suite of services is meticulously customized for each company, irrespective of the complexity of the case. In every endeavor, we instill confidence and empower our clients. Regardless of the challenges they face, we aspire to assist them. Take the plunge and collaborate with our top-notch engineers to experience firsthand the solutions we can bring to your unique needs.

Integrity relationship

We uphold the principles and values of our clients, treating them with utmost respect and consideration.

Long-term partnership

Ayokai strives to establish enduring collaborations with our partners. The trust embedded in your projects with us accelerates the growth of your business.

Privacy and Safety

Our collaborators are well-versed in security issues and adopt best practices concerning IT and security. The assurance and protection of sensitive information are integral components of our core values.

Quality Services

Our testing experts perceive what others may overlook, challenge conventional thinking, and consistently provide innovative solutions and improved practices.

Challenging Staff

Our engineers consistently enhance their knowledge through academic pursuits, training programs, and bootcamps to stay at the forefront of their field.

Innovation Solutions

We collaborate closely with our engineers with an Agile approach to expedite the development of solutions that are meaningful to us or that address issues and challenges faced by the market.

We train collaborator after each tool implementation in the client’s CI/CD tooling. We bring knowledges for collaborator eager to gain knew skills.

Basic trainings with the solutions we use like Figma and Adobe CC suite.

Complete bootcamp training from more than 12 years old based knowledge experiences summarized into some 1-3 learning weeks.

Advanced bootcamp for developers that join us and for clients that need to scale up their skills.

We have built an ERP solution that aims to help companies track their business activities, accounting, staffing, contract at an affordable price adapted to local standards and IFRS. We start with SYSCOHADA.

We have created a software testing solution that helps QA Engineers and Analysts verify their marketing tags after new release being delivered on production.

We provide support on services we deliver and we do sourcing for resources and Engineers based on our agreement. Competitive offers often require some adaptation and trainings.

We implement and support solutions and techniques to industrialize your processes. We integrate tools and help you deploy your product.

We design, then prototype your idea or your defined need to help you visualize the exact output and display of the final product. Adobe CC and Figma are used.

We help you define your needs before starting the technical process. Our expertise will help you precise your project and challenge the business rules.

We build softwares for web, mobile, and desktop, on Front-End and Back-End. We prefer JavaScript and TypeScript projects but we are not limited.

We provide various software testing services like training, manual testing, test automation (SDET), process audit and improvement, coaching, tools benchmarks and pentesting.