Ayokai is a dynamic Software Testing and Development company with a global presence, strategically located in Europe and Africa. Our core mission is to empower businesses by fortifying their quality assurance processes, accelerating the pace of software delivery. Specializing in Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) services and Engineers as a Service, we offer comprehensive solutions encompassing Test Automation, QA Audit, and application development for diverse platforms, including web, mobile, and desktop.

At Ayokai, we are driven by a passion for solving our clients’ challenges and creating enduring value. With over 12 years of dedicated experience, we bring a wealth of expertise to our clients, ensuring excellence in every aspect of software testing and development. Our commitment is not only to meet but to exceed client expectations, providing innovative solutions that propel businesses forward in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Ayo means joy in Yoruba and Kai means change in Japanese.
We empower positive changes

Why choose us

Staff and sourcing

Ayokai is a company dedicated to allow synergies between companies that need special expertise and top Engineers that want to provide their competences whatever it is and wherever the client is located.

Software Testing Services

Software Testing activities and development of solutions to speed up the delivery are the main services we deliver to our clients. For other expertise, feel free to request with details.

Culture and adaptative approach

Staffing engineers on remote requires culture and reality adaptation and acceptation. We implement processes at scale, collaborative tools and communication means to make the team productive.

Efficient Product Quality

Our goal is to help you achieve your business objectives by delivering defect-free software that meets your requirements and exceeds your expectations. Trust us to be your partner in software developments, testing and quality assurance.

More than 12 Years
of Experience

We integrate a wealth of experience garnered over 12 years, drawing insights from diverse clients and projects executed by our collaborative team.


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Our mission

Our main areas of focus allow us:

  • Elevate the business landscape by delivering unparalleled value and fostering synergies for companies seeking specialized expertise from top-tier engineers across diverse domains and geographical locations.

  • Innovate and deploy cutting-edge tools tailored to empower local businesses and cater to the unique needs of our clients.

  • Transcend boundaries and share our boundless passion with the world, driving a collective commitment to excellence and transformative collaboration.

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Our team

Our team operates on a global scale, collaborating with engineers and partners worldwide to comprehensively address our clients’ diverse needs. Ayokai has a notable presence in both France and Congo, with aspirations for further expansion. Our primary collaboration is with highly skilled African engineers who undergo thorough screening and training to align with our stringent standards and deliver the expected added value. Comprising a dynamic mix of professionals, our team includes Software Development Engineers in Test (SDETs), Software Testers, DevOps specialists, and Developers. This diverse and well-rounded composition ensures that Ayokai is equipped to meet the evolving demands of the tech landscape while maintaining a strong global footprint.

  • Graig

    I find immense passion in intrusion testing, especially in vulnerability assessment, crafting exploits,...

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  • Aniel

    Ensuring quality isn't just an option, it's an imperative! Our vision revolves around equipping...

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  • Davy

    The realm of software testing has proven to be an incredibly thrilling discovery, despite my late...

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  • Valmy

    Following my education in statistics and planning, I stumbled upon Front-End development using JavaScript,...

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  • Yavich

    As a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET), I thrive in an agile environment, implementing...

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  • Pierre KANOHA

    Founder & CEO

    Boasting more than 12 years of expertise in Software Testing, encompassing manual testing, team...

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We train collaborator after each tool implementation in the client’s CI/CD tooling. We bring knowledges for collaborator eager to gain knew skills.

Basic trainings with the solutions we use like Figma and Adobe CC suite.

Complete bootcamp training from more than 12 years old based knowledge experiences summarized into some 1-3 learning weeks.

Advanced bootcamp for developers that join us and for clients that need to scale up their skills.

We have built an ERP solution that aims to help companies track their business activities, accounting, staffing, contract at an affordable price adapted to local standards and IFRS. We start with SYSCOHADA.

We have created a software testing solution that helps QA Engineers and Analysts verify their marketing tags after new release being delivered on production.

We provide support on services we deliver and we do sourcing for resources and Engineers based on our agreement. Competitive offers often require some adaptation and trainings.

We implement and support solutions and techniques to industrialize your processes. We integrate tools and help you deploy your product.

We design, then prototype your idea or your defined need to help you visualize the exact output and display of the final product. Adobe CC and Figma are used.

We help you define your needs before starting the technical process. Our expertise will help you precise your project and challenge the business rules.

We build softwares for web, mobile, and desktop, on Front-End and Back-End. We prefer JavaScript and TypeScript projects but we are not limited.

We provide various software testing services like training, manual testing, test automation (SDET), process audit and improvement, coaching, tools benchmarks and pentesting.