Congo: Ayokai COG

Meet Mardoché, the esteemed Director of Ayokai COG, leading our exceptional team in Congo with unwavering dedication. His astute leadership and management prowess are instrumental in fostering the synergy essential for our collective success.

Mardoché’s vision and guidance empower our Congolese team, enabling them to harness their talents and expertise effectively. His adeptness in steering diverse talents towards a unified goal ensures that our operations align seamlessly with our expectations.

Under his guidance, Ayokai COG thrives as a vibrant hub of innovation and collaboration. Mardoché’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering an environment conducive to excellence plays a pivotal role in driving our collective endeavors forward.

Enriching our global perspective, we proudly collaborate with an exceptional team of skilled engineers from Congo. Trained rigorously in their respective domains, these talented individuals form the backbone of our partnership with Ayokai France.

Their invaluable expertise extends across diverse spectrums, from consulting and product development to SDET, UX-UI design, support, maintenance, and multi-faceted training initiatives. Their contributions power our endeavors, infusing each project with unique insights, dedication, and proficiency.

Together, we transcend boundaries, leveraging their specialized knowledge and unwavering commitment to elevate our collective pursuits. This collaboration embodies a seamless fusion of talent, fostering innovation and excellence in all our endeavors.

Meet our staff partners in Congo

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