Davy M. Dev Full-Stack web/Mobile/Desktop & SDET

Areas of expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Dev Web, Mobile and Desktop
  • Test Automation / SDET
  • Unit Testing
  • Test Plan
  • Training
  • Reporting
Professional skills
  • BDD Cucumber
  • POM (Page Object Model) design pattern
  • CI/CD
  • Agile Scrum
  • French / English
  • Advanced technician certificate (ESGAE)
  • Technician certificate (EAD)
  • Bachelor in Science
Main tools & Languages
  • JavaScript, Typescript…
  • Vuejs, Angular, Dart, Flutter
  • WebdriverIO
  • Appium
  • Playwright
  • Xray
  • Cypress
  • Bitbucket and Jenkins
  • Jira
  • Confluence
  • K6 and Octoperf
  • Microsoft, Linux, OpenShift, Mac OS

The realm of software testing has proven to be an incredibly thrilling discovery, despite my late introduction to it. Every day, I strive to enhance my knowledge, aiming to offer optimal support to customers while maintaining my proficiency as a developer.

My coding journey began in school, and over recent years, I’ve been deeply involved in various projects as a developer. However, in 2022, my trajectory took a significant turn when I joined AYOKAI. I dedicated six months to an intensive bootcamp focusing on testing and test automation, driven by the aspiration to excel. Concurrently, I also engaged in web and mobile development projects, broadening my skill set and understanding of software dynamics.