AYOKAI shapes the future with customized fintech solutions in Africa


AYOKAI is emerging as an innovative force in the technology world, reinventing the fintech sector in Africa through its tailor-made solutions and IT engineering consultancy services. Rooted in a rich Afro-European heritage, the company has successfully extended its influence from Europe to Africa. It has adapted its technological innovations to meet the diverse needs of these two distinct continents. 

With over a decade of experience, AYOKAI combines technical expertise in software development and testing with a deep understanding of each customer’s unique challenges. This approach enables them not only to meet expectations, but to exceed them, forging solutions that truly transform their customers’ financial landscape.

AYOKAI shapes Africa’s financial future with tailor-made fintech solutions

AYOKAI’s commitment to Africa reflects a clear vision: to transform the financial sector through tailor-made technological innovations. The company has planted its advanced technological roots on the continent with a determination to rethink financial interactions. Every initiative launched by AYOKAI is meticulously designed to adapt to the particularities of local markets, whether to enhance business management systems or revolutionize e-commerce platforms. 

Thanks to its approach, which integrates international standards while addressing Africa’s specific challenges, AYOKAI promotes rapid, secure access to financial services, meeting the expectations of an increasingly digitally connected population.

AYOKAI in the Republic of Congo: Innovation and commitment to inclusive finance

By choosing to deploy in the Republic of Congo, AYOKAI aims not only to expand its market, but also to positively impact the local community. Their approach, centered on the development of customized fintech solutions, is designed to align with the specific needs of the Congolese, offering accessible and secure financial services that respect the country’s cultural and regulatory specificities.

AYOKAI is committed to being a trusted partner by bringing innovations that not only improve financial transactions, but also support economic inclusion. Through its actions, the company actively contributes to reducing financial exclusion, enabling a previously marginalized population to benefit from reliable and efficient banking services.

AYOKAI’s fintech solutions

AYOKAI stands out for its advanced skills in developing customized fintech solutions, focused on three main technical aspects: test automation, custom software development and complex systems integration. 

Here’s a detailed exploration of each area:

Test automation

  • Objective:

Improve the efficiency and quality of software testing while reducing costs and time-to-market.

  • Methodology: 

Deployment of automation frameworks that simulate real-life usage scenarios to identify bugs before production.

  • Result: 

AYOKAI helps its customers achieve a reduction of up to 50% in testing time, increasing the speed of response to market requirements.

Software development

  • Approach: 

Design and development of software solutions tailored to the specific needs of customers, whether they operate in African or European markets.

  • Technologies : 

Use of modern programming languages and frameworks such as JavaScript, React, and Node.js for web and mobile applications.

  • Impact: 

Solutions that optimize operations, enhance user experience and support customers’ strategic business objectives.

Integration of complex systems

  • Strategy: 

Harmonize new software developments with customers’ existing systems and processes for greater operational efficiency.

  • Execution: 

Using advanced technologies to integrate ERP, CRM and other data tools to provide a unified, consistent view of operations.

  • Benefits: 

AYOKAI’s integrated systems enable better decision-making based on accurate, real-time data, thus reducing operational risks.

Fintech revolution in Congo: AYOKAI’s tailor-made approach for SOSEP

Challenges and opportunities at SOSEP

SOSEP, a dynamic e-commerce player in Congo Brazzaville, faces major challenges in the evolution of its platform. Faced with growing demand for accessible digital services, the company is striving to innovate while guaranteeing the modernity and efficiency of its solutions. However, the development of their e-commerce system faces significant technical obstacles, exacerbated by a lack of a structured software testing process and budget restrictions. This situation limits the stability and efficiency of the platform, requiring urgent intervention to upgrade the technology.

AYOKAI’s intervention: stabilization and optimization

To overcome these challenges, AYOKAI introduced a robust software testing framework, specially adapted to local market conditions. Using advanced tools such as Jira Atlassian and X-Ray, AYOKAI implemented a comprehensive test management system that enhances the platform’s functionality and scalability.

Transformative impact

The impact of this collaboration was quickly visible:

  • Improved robustness: 

The SOSEP platform has become more stable and user-friendly, increasing user satisfaction and operational performance.

  • Local capacity building: 

AYOKAI has focused on training and employing local talent in the field of quality assurance, enriching the Congolese professional fabric.

Harmonization and performance: Overhaul of QA practices at Oddo-BHF by AYOKAI

Background and challenges at Oddo-BHF

Oddo-BHF, a renowned investment bank with operations in France, Germany and Tunisia, stood out for its innovative approach to banking. However, the company was facing significant quality assurance (QA) challenges. Its QA practices were fragmented, and teams spread across several countries struggled to maintain uniformity. This disparity threatened the bank’s overall efficiency and regulatory compliance, jeopardizing the trust of customers and stakeholders alike.

AYOKAI’s approach: standardization and automation

To solve these problems, AYOKAI was asked to structure a consistent, standardized QA process across all Oddo-BHF’s European branches. By adopting modern methodologies such as T-MAP and TPI Next, AYOKAI created a solid foundation for harmonizing QA efforts. In addition, the introduction of test automation with tools such as UiPath and Playwright has significantly reduced errors and accelerated development cycles.

Impact and progress

The transformations brought about by AYOKAI have had a profound impact on Oddo-BHF:

  • Improved quality and compliance: 

New QA practices have improved the quality of software developments and ensured compliance with stringent regulatory standards, strengthening Oddo-BHF’s competitive position in the market.

  • Increased operational efficiency: 

Optimized processes and reduced errors have lowered operational costs, while improving risk management within the bank.

Excellence in Quality Assurance: AYOKAI at the heart of Chanel’s digital strategy

Background and challenges at Chanel

Chanel, renowned for its luxury and innovation, faced significant challenges when developing its mobile application. Initially developed by an external company, the application lacked stability, affecting the user experience and service integration. Recognizing the crucial need to improve the quality and performance of its digital ecosystem, Chanel called on AYOKAI to rethink its quality assurance (QA) process.

AYOKAI’s intervention: QA education and integration

AYOKAI began with an educational phase, raising the Chanel team’s awareness of the importance of software testing and the adoption of formalized QA strategies. Workshops and practical sessions were organized to actively involve the team in continuous quality improvement from the earliest stages of development.

Innovative solutions and results

Under AYOKAI’s leadership, Chanel integrated QA right from the start of the development cycle, significantly reducing defects and improving the application’s stability. Innovative testing strategies, such as real-time testing in Chanel boutiques, were implemented to ensure that the application met user expectations and business requirements.

Transformative impact

  • Quality improvement: 

Chanel’s mobile app became more stable and integrated, delivering a seamless user experience.

  • Team engagement: 

Chanel’s teams are now better equipped and engaged in the QA process, contributing to a culture of excellence and innovation.

  • Reflection and growth: 

The experience has enabled Chanel to integrate valuable lessons on the importance of QA throughout software development, particularly in an industry where brand experience directly influences loyalty and commercial success.

Innovation strategies and product development at AYOKAI

AYOKAI doesn’t just respond to current market needs; the company is shaping the future of fintech with bold innovations and tailor-made solutions. The development of flagship products such as Kokamba is a perfect illustration of their proactive approach.

Kokamba: the ERP revolution by AYOKAI

Kokamba is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system developed specifically by AYOKAI to transform business management in Africa. Designed to meet local accounting and regulatory standards, including SYSCOHADA, while integrating global quality practices, Kokamba offers a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique challenges of African markets. Its robust and flexible platform helps companies optimize their operations while remaining compliant with regulatory requirements.

Key features of Kokamba

  • Assured compliance: 

Kokamba enables easy adaptation to local and international accounting standards, facilitating regular audits.

  • Advanced customization: 

Thanks to its modular, open-source architecture, Kokamba is highly customizable to meet the specific needs of each company.

  • Analytical support: 

The ERP is equipped with data analysis tools that help managers make informed decisions, improving business strategy and operations.

AYOKAI’s commitment to development and implementation

AYOKAI is deeply committed to the Kokamba lifecycle, from research and development to implementation. The AYOKAI team works continuously to improve Kokamba’s functionality in response to user feedback and market developments. In addition, AYOKAI provides comprehensive training and personalized support to ensure that Kokamba integration runs smoothly and delivers immediate added value.

Kokamba’s transformative impact

The use of Kokamba by financial institutions has led to a significant improvement in operational efficiency. Companies benefit from more effective resource management, reduced operational errors, and better strategic decision-making. In addition, Kokamba strengthens local capabilities, enabling African companies to develop sustainably and respond effectively to local and global economic challenges.

Conclusion: AYOKAI shapes the future of fintech in Africa

AYOKAI is making determined progress in the African fintech sector, offering tailor-made solutions that intelligently respond to local needs while complying with international standards. With expertise ranging from improving quality assurance processes to implementing innovative ERP systems such as Kokamba, AYOKAI is demonstrating that a personalized, customer-centric approach is the key to its evolution. By working closely with local businesses, AYOKAI doesn’t just meet expectations; it helps shape a more inclusive and efficient financial environment.

By using technology to facilitate access to quality financial services, AYOKAI actively contributes to financial inclusion in Africa. Its initiatives, which extend from the Republic of Congo to other parts of the continent, illustrate its commitment to regional economic development. AYOKAI sees itself not just as a solutions provider, but as a strategic partner committed to building local economic capacity. Through its actions, AYOKAI supports sustainable growth that promises to transform business operations and empower African companies.

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