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Software Development

We build softwares for web, mobile, and desktop, on Front-End and Back-End. We prefer JavaScript and TypeScript projects but we are not limited.

Software Testing

We provide various software testing services like training, manual testing, test automation (SDET), QA process audit and improvement, coaching, tools benchmarks and pentesting.

IT Trainings & Bootcamps

We provide and support on advanced bootcamp for QA, Testers, UX-UI Designers, Pen-Testers and Developers when they join us and for clients or partners on this platform or live.

Who We Are

Ayokai is a Software Testing and development company based in Europe and Africa. We help companies strengthening their quality gates to speed up their delivery.

We provide SDET services and Engineers as a Service for Test Automation, QA Audit and application development for web, mobile and desktop.
Our company was born to solve client’s issues and build value. It’s more than 13 years of experiences we bring to our clients.


Professional collaborators


Million € valuation assets


Trainings & Bootcamps

Increase your product’s Quality so you can attract more clients.

How We Work

Introductory Call or Email

Get in touch with us by Call or by E-mail with enough elements to help us identify your need. Please provide both email and phone contacts.

Face to Face Meeting

We organize a live call meeting or an in site meeting when it's possible to deal with your project.

Project and Budget Scoping

We analyze your project and define the scope and the roadmap approach. Your budget is being studied too. We'll help you to define it.

Project Strategy

Based on the validated roadmap and budget, we allocate resources and communicate the detailed roadmap and the different milestones.


We execute the project and run all necessary tasks with the allocated resources. During all stages you'll be able to track the deliverables based on meetings we agreed.

Verification Phase

We iterate the quality after each small increment. Then, we verify that all requirements and feedbacks have been covered in a right way.

Delivery and Validation

We deliver the high level increments, then the final product. You validate and execute the final agreements once all agreed fixes have been delivered.


For all projects, we can provide a maintenance service in the contract above than the 3 revisions provided in all contracts. At any time after the delivery you can request a quote for any support or complementary maintenance.

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Our main Experiences

Our team gained multiple experiences by providing expertise for various clients.

“A tester’s job is to ask the questions that the user would ask, not the ones the developer expects.”

—  Michael Bolton

Our main Technology Stacks

We work with multiple stacks and always improve, discover and implement best practices in our projects. Somes…


  • KOKAMBA : La révolution de la solution ERP en Afrique

    Kokamba, développé par AYOKAI, est un ERP conçu spécifiquement pour répondre aux besoins uniques des entreprises africaines. Cet outil révolutionne la gestion d’entreprise en adaptant les opérations aux défis réglementaires et économiques spécifiques de l’Afrique. Il transforme les pratiques commerciales, simplifiant la gestion quotidienne et alignant les processus aux normes locales et internationales.

    May 13, 2024
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  • KOKAMBA: The ERP revolution in Africa

    Kokamba, developed by AYOKAI, is an ERP designed specifically to meet the unique needs of African companies. This tool revolutionizes business management by adapting operations to Africa’s specific regulatory and economic challenges. It transforms business practices, simplifying day-to-day management and aligning processes with local and international standards.

    May 13, 2024
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  • AYOKAI façonne l’avenir avec des solutions fintech personnalisées en Afrique

    AYOKAI façonne l’avenir avec des solutions fintech personnalisées en Afrique AYOKAI émerge comme une force novatrice dans l’univers technologique, réinventant le secteur fintech en Afrique grâce à ses solutions sur mesure et ses services consultatifs en ingénierie informatique. Enracinée dans un riche héritage afro-européen, cette entreprise a brillamment étendu son influence de l’Europe à l’Afrique.

    May 7, 2024
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Let’s Work Together

We are excited about the potential to work with other partners. Please fill out this form with details about your collaboration proposal. Provide as much information as possible about your organization, the proposed collaborative effort, your goals, and how you envision our mutual involvement. Our team will review your submission and get in touch with you to discuss the possibilities.